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Minding one’s own business

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If you’re having problems getting things done in life, it may be because there are things on your radar screen that shouldn’t be there. Simply minding your own business can streamline your life.

It's a version of “de-cluttering” - getting rid of things that are clogging up the works. It's related to minimalism and frugality, words which are often mentioned in fashionable circles these days, but on which the Muslim should have more to say than anybody else.

What’s making these claims on our attention? Take the news - at first glance, it’s there to keep you informed. But even if you’re interested in the subject, you’re probably not getting the whole story, which limits its value. If you examine what’s being presented to you in many current affairs forums, it’s difficult to avoid feeling as if you’re following a jumped-up soap opera.

How about advertising? Advertisers want your time. Actually, they want your money on behalf of their clients, but in the short term they’ll settle for your time, hoping that your money will follow. Don’t give it to them.

The most important things to avoid are matters which are considered religiously unlawful, such as backbiting and slander. Those who aren’t content with minding their own affairs run this risk.

The masters of using time profitably have the habit of simply not engaging with anything that would not be of benefit. Like the master swordsman who effortlessly parries the wild flurries of the novice, they can see when something is futile and dismiss it.

What is your business? Learn the religious knowledge of Islam according to the way of the scholars, beginning with the personal obligatory knowledge which every accountable person is obligated to know. This is the way to accomplish what you need.