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The Prophets of Allah

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Islam is the religion of all the Prophets, starting with Adam, ^alayhis-salam, and ending with Muhammad, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam. Each Prophet was granted a pure and true faith in Allah and protected absolutely from falling into error in belief. Every Prophet is an upright and pious Muslim who obeys the commandment of Allahu ta^ala to teach people about their religion.

All Prophets taught their followers that Allah Exists and that He is not like the creation. All Prophets taught that Allah has always Existed and will always Exist. All Prophets taught that Allah and His Attributes existed before the creation and that He, subhanahu, Exists now as He did then. Each Prophet faithfully transmitted the genuine teachings of Islam to their people and patiently encouraged them to perform the obligations and avoid the sins.

In His Mercy, Allahu ta^ala granted that every Prophet be protected absolutely from any type of blasphemy. This means that it is impossible for a Prophet to accept a belief, commit a deed or say words that cause him to leave the state of Islam. Likewise all Prophets were free of having any repulsive characteristics, whether in behaviour or appearance. May Allah grant that we honour and glorify the Prophets appropriately and describe them only with the befitting attributes that are mentioned in the religion.