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Welcome to the Resources section of our site! Here you’ll find a rich and varied collection of pieces from which to benefit. As you’d expect from a well-established organisation with a long history of providing for the needs of the Sunni Muslim community, we have many materials presenting religious information in a traditional format.

You’ll also find a novel series of articles that takes the form of reflective and motivational pieces that describe the personal experiences of individual members of the AICP here in the UK and offer an insight into the personality and perspective of our Association. Bookmark our site and visit frequently to take advantage of new content.

  • Voices from Our Community ( 8 Articles )

    Since the 1930s, the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects has strived to educate people of all backgrounds about the Muslim faith. Our members are men and women of all ages and are diverse in both nationality and culture. In this collection of pieces, we offer a glimpse into the personality and perspective of the AICP here in the UK.

  • Core Knowledge ( 5 Articles )

    The scholars of Islam considered knowledge to be the cornerstone of life as a Muslim. Through this learning he or she tells right from wrong, moral from immoral, lawful from unlawful. In this collection of materials, you’ll find a series of articles covering the central themes of Islamic practice.