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At our Birmingham centre and in our classes around the country, AICP UK continues its efforts to make a positive contribution to the world we share. In our schools children learn the traditional Islamic sciences alongside important lessons in good citizenship. We are keenly aware of the importance of instilling sound moral values and productive aspirations in our young people. As they grow within our organisation, we nurture our members by providing the guidance they need to develop into conscientious and dutiful Muslims.

We believe that the key to dealing with modern social problems is empowerment through learning. Students leave our classes equipped with the tools that they need to lead lives of civic-mindedness and social responsibility. The authentic religious knowledge that we impart is derived from the soundest scriptural sources and we transmit our teachings of the Prophetic tradition through a continuous, unbroken chain of narration. We therefore enjoy widespread acceptance within the Muslim community and among orthodox Sunni scholars around the world.

AICP UK is focused upon the continuation of our important work within the Muslim community and we are keen to participate with other organisations that share our goals. As a non-profit organisation, our efforts are dependent upon the fund-raising activities of our members and we welcome both practical and financial support from all those who wish to aid our cause. We believe that through concerted mutual effort, we can overcome our many contemporary social problems and build prosperous and peaceful communities.

Please support AICP UK in our efforts. You can contribute to our projects around the country by placing a deposit at either of the following bank accounts:

  • Property account donations: Sort code: 40-28-06 Account number: 93940942
  • International donations: IBAN: GB56MIDL402806 93940942 with a SWIFT code (if required) MIDLGB22
  • General donations: Sort code: 40-28-06 Account number: 92742950