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The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects (AICP) is a non-profit international organisation founded in the 1930s. We are part of a global movement working towards a just and harmonious society. Throughout our long history we have strived to educate people of all backgrounds about Islamic culture and morals. In all our activities we work towards establishing a Muslim community that contributes to the betterment of society. We believe that fostering good relations with our non-Muslim neighbours will serve to harness a peaceful and productive society.

The members of the AICP, men and women of all ages, are diverse in both nationality and culture. We organise many programs aimed at educating new Muslims in the practice of their faith. The AICP is well-established throughout the world in countries such as the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, France and Australia, where we have established primary and secondary schools, radio stations, community centres and mosques.

A reputable and long-standing international organisation, the AICP is now active in the UK. In our after-school programs we educate both children and adults about the Islamic tradition and enjoy the opportunity to present our religion to people of all backgrounds. In addition to the organisation of communal prayers in various localities around the UK, our activities have included the celebration of cultural occasions and arranging outdoor recreational events. The AICP also has a nashid (Islamic chanting) group that performs on special occasions. More recently, we have become involved in community radio and have arranged Hajj and ^Umrah tours.

AICP UK believes that the key to dealing with modern social problems is empowerment through learning. Students leave our classes equipped with the tools that they need to lead lives of civic-mindedness and social responsibility. The authentic religious knowledge that we impart is derived from the soundest scriptural sources and we transmit our teachings of the Prophetic tradition through a continuous, unbroken chain of narration. We therefore enjoy widespread acceptance within the Muslim community.

AICP UK is focused upon the continuation of our critical work within the Muslim community and we are keen to participate with other organisations that share our goals. As a non-profit organisation, our efforts are dependent upon the fund-raising activities of our members. We therefore welcome both practical and financial support from all those who wish to aid our cause. We believe that through concerted mutual effort, we can overcome our many contemporary social problems and build prosperous and peaceful communities.